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As QTurkey, we are aware of the lack of content in Turkish online on quantum technologies. To be of use on this subject we’ve started the “Quantum Technologies Popular Content Pool”. We are planning the formation of a content pool through peer-review and editorial oversight methods that are scientifically accurate, of high quality and in Turkish. This pool is open to all platforms of science communication and popular science. The articles published through this are accepted as a public good and are considered free of copyright.


  1. Authors send their content and a short summary describing their work to in [Bilim İletişimi - Yazar - Yazının Başlığı] format

  2. Received articles are sent to two reviewers for peer-review.

  3. In the case of revision, article will be sent back to the author, otherwise it is accepted.

  4. Articles are sent to an editor for proofreading in Turkish.

  5. After these steps, the content is published on site with its title, author and summary.

  6. Platforms of science communication and popular science that are willing to publish the article in accordance with QTurkey’s demand sends an e-mail to in [Yazı Talebi - Platform Adı - Yazının Başlığı] format.

Conditions: In an appropriate location of the article the following statement should be included; 


“Bu yazı QTurkey Bilim İletişimi İçerik Havuzu kapsamında [yazar adı] tarafından [... tarihinde] yazılmıştır. Orijinal kaynak için;

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